Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Its 10 PM, Where are your Mountain Bike Skills?

Leave comments, let me know where your skills are and we can find them together. Kinda like Ned Flanders helping you find Jesus

Ride to Live

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When the Winter Gets Tough

The last week or so in the springs has not been as conducive to cycle training as some might hope. Sometimes roadies will freak out when the surface of the road is less then ideal. But these are problems we all must work threw. Colorado does have a mild winter when you consider how nice the summer is hear. 300 sunny days a year is great. But if that’s not enough remember this.

When the weather gets tough, the tough go mountain biking.

Lift your spirits with pictures of the tough.

Ride Free or Die
Mitch Hoke

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Winter is Cool too

Its easy for cycler types to get into the winter blues. Its cold, the trails aren't there and the road grime on your face nevers feel good for the complection. But the winter brings new trails and chalenges. You have never been on an adventure tell you try to ride your favriot trail in 6 inches of freshies. So just get out give'r. Here are some pictures that probably won't inspire you but its a worth a shot.

If not take, simply make some nice turns

In other news.
-SSWC08 filled up in like 10 minutes and i didn't get in.
-Harry Precourt got dropped by "Old Man Acacia"
-McGreggor is now has a gender neutaral room.

Love Peace and Chicken Grease