Tuesday, May 20, 2008

People sayin Hot Hot Hot!

The National Mountain Bike Circuit made its third stop in california wine country. Bummer for me and my roommate for the weekend we are not of the drinking age and could not partake in all the wine tasting events in are little dutch town home of Solvang.

While the weather was mellow down by the coast on the beach, the coastal cooling effect leaves when you go inland. So on race Alex Howard was convinced that the temperature at the course was over 100 degrees. I like to think it was 98 degrees so i think of the boy band. It didn't help either that NMBS races have pro men racing at 2 in the afternoon.

They were alot of good heat stories from the weekend. For instance Dylan Stucki become delirous in the heat and decided that he needed to call it a day and head home. While this was a legitimate choice considering he only has a black skin suite to race in I question his decisions post throwing in the towel. Some where on the course Dylan started walking but he decided to take off his shoes and walk up a hill. You never know what the heat will do to your decision making until you experience "hot feet". 

Similarly Mitch Peterson spent some time under the few trees on course trying to get his wits back. I passed and we chatted for a while and then road away from him. Then he got passed by this guy who kinda pissed him off or something and he caught me again. Then we had a drag race up the final climb. I think he started fading again after that. He's a tree hugger. 

Georgia Gould wasn't the only one to be taken off in an ambulance from heat stroke. Apparently the race promoter succumbed to the heat as well after the Short Track. 
This made it hard for people who were left off the results, ie Dylan Stucki. 

I got to ride an Olympian's spare wheel during the XC after suffering a flat tire. Meg is osom and doing wheel changes and The Crusher Family and the  Downing's are priceless at helping out wondering U23's. 

Ride for Fun
Mitch Hoke

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beach Time

Well after three trips to good old Cali I finally got some beach time. Nice. But it wasn't like on Martini's blog where there were topless women with their hands in your back pocket. Maybe you have to marry someone for that to happen. But there were some large ocean birds. And people doing really funny yoga. They kinda looked like Euro couple from Super Troopers. I went up and offered them a mustache ride but they refused.

I snapped this photo but then realized i need a real camera.

Heading up to the venue tomorrow for some pre-ridding. But the faceplate to my stem got left in C springs so i don't know how my bike is going to work this weekend.

Ride alot
Mitch Hoke

Monday, May 12, 2008

Blogging Motivation

Normally as work such things subside and riding and free time go up people are inspired to blog more. I however have stumbled upon the opposite relationship, the inverse correlation if you will. More free time, less blogging. But hey worse things have happened

Also i havn't really done anything radical enough to warrant a self-indulgent deluge that is modern blogging, i mean except for struggling to pick out the best tone of nail pollish to match a plad team team kit.

But some people are out and about doing cool stuff. Jeffy got watch the Absalon dominate in Madrid

If you don't keep up on MSC action. Jungle Jay is back in full form. Bumber for the rest of us.

Keep Riding
Mitch Hoke

Thursday, May 1, 2008

next up

this weeked will be a lovely race in nathrop colorado. nathrop has been one of the msc's top notch courses for years. short climbs, flase flat head winds, little descending. the only downer about the course is the little bit of single track at the end through the trees. buts not all fun games out there, somtimes you have to just put the hammer down and crush.

the ramathorn is most likley racing a single speed in nathrop. and lets face everybody knows this is not the course for it. zac has been training hard though. crushing it up buckhorn will short get you ready for race full of spinning out.

sometimes the best motivation for riding hard is a large black bear

tough as nails and i managed to find our way to boulder on wednesday night for the premeir of seasons. the movie was sweet. unfortunatly we had to sit threw a trials demonstration by ripjoke

i am not omitting capitals to make a statement. my shift key is simply on the fritz right now

ride mountains
mitch hoke