Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Elephants and Hiphopopotumus

Just be gald you ride bikes and won't turn out like this guy on a spoof motivational photo

And that your probably smarter then this.

Racing starts again with weekend with CB straight into Park City and then the East Coast and maybe even French Canadia

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ah, Teva Games

When racing doesn't goes as plan because of bad planning and preperation its good to have a nice venue to relax in. The Teva games is perfect. There are lots of dogs and outdoors people. Lots of free Lara Bars. After the race you can relish in the fact that you finished and Filip Meirhaeghe. But in like the Care Bears discription of a Norba you can't be psyched about beeting Trebon, because he pretty much dominated the hole time.

I found Harry Precourts Doppleganger
So i preriding when i rolled up on like 20 people trying to take pictures of stuffed animal trying to hunt another stuffed animal.
The Teva Games also has an event that you just run threw alot of mudd.

John Barker took some sweet pictures but won't give them to me

Mitch Hoke

Friday, June 6, 2008

Live Like Mike

Last year the mountain bike community lost a a great freind. Mike Janelle was as fast as he was kind. Mike leaves behind a wife and child. The good fokes at Tokyo Joe's have put together a great way to remember Mike and help his family out. The 40 dollars goes to a trust set up for the family and you get a shirt, live like mike dogtag, stickers and free meal at Tokyo Joe's. You can even pay with your Paypal account because you are an ebayaholic

If you ever met Mike Janelle you know this deserves your support. Please visit

Ride Like Mike
Mitch Hoke

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Impomptu Training

DPC, John Bark and I went down to the big oval looking thing and raced some fixede gear bikes around circles last night. I know what your thinking. Lame Right. I will never talk to Mitchell Hoke again. Well its kinda fun. I would never trade in a mountain bike race for it but its better then doing intervals. Here is list of why you should go too.

1. You can show up not knowing anything about how to race on the track and not have enough money and thy will let you race with seasoned vetrans.

2. There are more spectators then at a Norba.

3. Track guys hav no endurance and you can break away with fat old guy and john Barker.

4. There is the cuitest mid twenties USAC official i havw ever seen.

5. Since you don't have a tack bike they give you this sick old school ones for free.

John Drops the Ball in the Sprint Final
This bike could be under your tushie

Not Track racing but fun aswell. More Fun?

Where is Jeff Hansen


Mitch Hoke

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fun Weekend

While some US pros were ripping in it up at World Cups(and others were just lounging around in swiss villas) I have been moving from one place to another around the springs. How ever now that the moving process is complete i can return to the favored routine of riding and eating.

Last night while helping Taylor break in her new house i had a third run in with a bear in C Springs. I mean they are everywhere now. I think them and the hipsters have some plot to take over. But this little guy just seemed hungary

With dinner in the belly we set off for the nights adventure. Women's Roller Dirby. I would recommend that you go some time. Im totally shore of the rules yet but there is a hole lot of carnage

They have there own myspace page

Well have fun out there. 

Keep Riding
Mitch Hoke