Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cool Pictures, No Order

Mercedes Taxi
Rocky Trail
Lighting Bolt
2 kilo of chocolate cereal
Todd Nordblom
More Sunset


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cool Pictures, No Order

Amazing place to live.
Picture of me with some endangered harry pigs that they eat here
Kirchzarten in the Fog form the tower
Me and the tower and some really cool windmills. They are real big. 
Yurtle the Turtle and the tower above the clouds
Windmill on a non foggy day
Same windmill on a foggy day
Same Windmills at sunset
Same sunset

Amazing riding. We are racing a Bundusleige U23 race this weekend, fast. Lots of Nutella required. They have really good cereal here. Witnessed two birds fighting the other day, that was cool. 


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Swiss Racer Cup and Local Crushing

So we did a Swiss Racer Bike Cup. It was crazy. The Racer started under this super low arch thing on cobbled roads. Sounds sketchy right. Then it comes back in the finish area, 180 degree turn and up this wooden ramp wide enough for 2 riders. I made it up and then was the first guy to put a foot down and thus started the massive pile up seen above. The guy on the left maneuvered a couple of summersaults down the hill and over the fence of the course. Seems like bolds strategy but i couldn't tell if it payed off for him.

Long story short i road pretty well until it started raining at which point i hit the deck on sweeping right hand road turn and got some DMB worthy road rash. I got cot by the rest of the US train and held on for 34th. 

That night i slept for like 4 hours because of post rest restlessness and continued jettlagg. The next day we headed out to a local circuit race. 10 2 k laps with the steepest hill ever. The US boys held it down taking the top to two spots on the podium with Tad and Rob. I suffered a lot from the previous night. But they apparently pay a lot of money hear. I got 15th and got 15 euros. 

My favor part about being here is the language barrier. We went out for pizza. Trevor orders pepperoni pizza. IT comes out with banana peppers. The waiter told us how he likes to speak with his hands and feet and pepperoni apparently doesn't translate well. Then he put on an instrumental version of Surfing USA and proceeded to play his tambourine and dance around for most of the song. When i came time to pay he brought us napkin with some numbers on it that didn't even remotely resemble the final amount we payed for. 

all and all its a great time over hear. 


Thursday, May 7, 2009

First Day

First day in. these pretty much sum it up

This is Amy and Kalan's futre hair cutting venture

Check out this euro kid and huge ass wheel of cheese. It weighed 73 kilos (160lbs)

These are just cool.

Swiss Racer Cup jet lagged should be fun
More Later