Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thats Racing?

Well Racing never goes quite how you plan and hope for. Fontana was a fast race and i felt like a newly upgraded sport racer in a world cup field. I did get to spend some time on Liam Killeem's wheel with the Big C for like 30 seconds. Hop on over to Sam J's bloggeroo for a little report. 

Short Track was better then XC because i didn't get pulled, that was a first. 

I wanted to show you a sweet picture of snake that was on the course but our hotel is to ghetto to have high speed internet. 

Ben k got second in little league XC and 1st in Short Track

Mitch Hoke

Thursday, March 27, 2008


The LA basin isn't a place where you would normally picture a race venue filled with spandex. The air hear isn't as quality as many of us Colorado natives have come to enjoy racing good old MSC. Lots of cars and lots of roads.

Life on the road and the excess of smog have driven Ben K off the wall.

Everybody should check out the show "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader". It has to be the easiest way to win a million dollars. The only catch is you have to be a dumbass to be a contestant. John Barker would be perfect.

Also give Big C a visit at his new action danger site.

Keep on riding in the free world
Mitch Hoke

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jeeps anyone?

Moab the Meca of bike trips for the early and late riding season is also host to another sport besides mountain biking. I wish i could say that it was the shuffle board capital or host to a great bowling league. Nope. For a week in March Moab is filled with more jeeps then you thought existed in the US. Now i can see why people are into rally car racing and stuff, but the jeeps just drive up a trail and average speed of 1 mile and hour. I would like to give the drivers the benefit of the doubt that they are smart people. But who wants to drive across the country pulling a jeep just to drive it down Amasaback. Ide much rather save some gas and use two wheels.

Dirty Harry scored one for the home team with a pissed off over sized truck driver and his new "cry me river" routine. (you can ask him)

We then got a great going away present the last day on Slick Rock. This is a freshy Jeep role over. Injuries to driver: Ego

There are some Trails for bikes only


Ride and Respect
Mitch Hoke

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

YouTube Never let me Down!!!

Your Welcome Internet

Vacation Time

Time on the road is hard. This might be the time when some would write how hard it is to sit in foreign coffee shops and checking the Internet. Not hear though. We're living the dream. No more school for me until August or something. Riding bikes in Durango and Moab and heading for the California for a little raging. Porcupine Rim is a nice change of pace from the CC library

A little Racing in Durango

(Just remember if your a mountain biker you have to go off the front)

Thanks Tron for the pics

Harry shows what he can do with lots of Torrtilla in his belly

Hope you all are riding bikes and doing other fun stuff.
Ride and Live
Mitch Hoke

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Aspen Bike Trip 2007

Mike wanted you all to see this. Always ask yourself "How Fast am I"

Sunday, March 9, 2008

And We're Off

The Colorado College Cycling Team is off to a faboo start this. Just ask Barker how well his pedals work or hansen about his amazing shifting system. We all love them though, so cute and cudily. Sounds like Dpac, Ruggles and Vos crashed eachother out. I didn't see them, but saw some other fun crit crashes. Crashes were mainly caused by Max and Glena ripping so many legs off that riders couldn't avoid them.
Here are some fun pictures to keep everyone happy.

Courtesy of Senior Cares

Plad. You want it

Oops. How did that get on the internet? Hope your not runnig for public office.

Mountain Bike kid ate my sandwich today. I thought he only ate oats.

Don't let the 9 to 5 get you down
Go Ride your Bicycle