Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Its so nifty what you can find on the internet. google search: POWERSHOTS, NOVA, 2008


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Update

This is the first weekend i havn't raced since fontucky. Its nice because the riding the springs is great right. unfortunatly i missed Joey D and single speed ride. On the upside Casey Bowen and I got to rally Hansens van because he isn't hear.

Sounds like are boys over in europa are having a good time despite the tight competition. Care Bear has some good anicdotes on racing over the pond

Found this, Trever and I got our suffer on.

So as if there wasn't enough reason to spend all day on facebook, they now have instant messaging. I was hoping to get in a good training block this month, but i might suffer with this new technolegy.

Ride more then you facebook stalk people
Mitch Hoke

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Coolest Stuff I have Ever Done

So Sometimes when races don't really pan out they present oppertunities to do things you never thought possible. They make you really learn about yourself. I would like to say that i gained some character today by suffering threw a race and not dropping out, I'm not sure that was true today. But i did two of the coolest things i think i have ever done and probable ever will do.

First off, I started to the race really hydrated which i guess is what your supossed to do. But i didn't something else your supposed to do, pee before you start. So about 25 minutes into the race i was really hurting and not like the going hard type. I have never had to pee so bad in race. For the first time in my life i actually peed off of my bike while riding. The organizers of the race were kind enough add a road decent with like 3-400 vertical feet that gave me the opertunity to releive myself. I never thought it was possible. I was really phsyched about that.

So after my urnation experience i rode pretty well with tonkin and ryan woodall up until halfway threw the sencond lap and went kaboom. I went from getting a top 20 back to 34th in the last 15 mintues of the race. But another amazing opportunity presented it self. 2 minutes from the finish Snoodle and Ned Overend caught me. I hadn't been able to grab anybodies wheel for more then 5 seconds but when Ned went by i thought "man, im going to out sprint ned overend". So i got up the hill with him and stuck on his wheel tell the raceway. I think he tried to put the hammer down and ride me off his wheel but were going donwnhill on a road so it didn't work. I sprinted him at the end and beet him. I felt kinda bad but when do you get a chance to sprint Ned Overend.

Also. There was alot of a road section in the race on raceway and it was the sketchiest shit. I mean their pro mountain bikers you would think they could ride in a pack. Nope

Mitch Peterson crushed it.

Go ride
Mitch Hoke

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sea Outer

The great thing about the Sea Otter is that its the biggest race in the US with out the biggest racers. All the big guns are getting ready for Houfabike. The other thing the Sea Otter is lacking this year is an event staff with any knowledge of what is going on. I was trying to ask where the XC was and the staff pointed me every direction in the venue and none of them led to the race course.

So to say the least it took me a while to find the XC course. When I found it i managed to meet up with some more confused people. This couple asked me as i was riding bye if i knew where the start of the "Super Dizzle" was. I didn't know we were calling it that now.

In the last 24 hours i have managed to finish an entire jar of nutella. Thats like 1900 calories. It makes me feel blessed. Some people are not even allowed to eat that many calories in a day. I get to eat that much just snacking.

Maybe tomorow i will take a picture of the sun setting over the ocean or somthing and leave people with inspirational quote.

But here is what logging to much car time does to my hair

Mitch Hoke

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Off to California Once More

My traveling hiatus was very nice. But tommorow i will be joining travelers in the sky heading for the sunny Sea Otter. Should be pretty fun but i think alot of people are skipping it this year. The Big Care Bear is heading to Brussels for a little WC Houfalizel action. He said its been raining alot there so it should be fun and muddy.

I had pretty succsesful opening MSC weekend. Big Mike and the rest of the MSC guys put together some really fun course even if the XC took less then hour and ten minutes. The High Lite of the trip was heckeling Kelli Emmit on the Podium. Somehow me and Fuentes both yelled "Shows us the Tat" at the same time. And we were standing right infront of Kelli's mom.

Well I have new hair cut now and white bar tape.

A guy saw me riding my fixie and asked what was the advantage. I didn't know what to say.

mitch Hoke

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tough as Nails Crushes Rocks

Just got off the phone with the ramathorn. Sounds like him and Tough as Nails had a pretty good time down in Gallop NM. Ive done some road trips threw there and its a tough place. But Tanky Precourt got it done and took the big old DUB-YA. Just google Dawn tell Dusk and you'll find em. As I type Harry is getting free dinner and contemplating a 8 hour drive back to the Springs

Precourt spends quality time with new components

On the non endurance front I managed to hold down the fort for MgGregor 310 in the MSC prolog. I finished in like 16 minutes and was like 40 seconds down for Rad Ross. I think mine to harrys suffer ratio is like 1 to 50 for the day. Amy got some good celular pics.

Money in da Bank

Props to Amelia for title and love and support

Mitch Hoke

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Check it.

This you tube is all the rage at CC

Monday, April 7, 2008

Just like the Good ol Days

Lucky for me i got to kick old school with Art Nelson and the Crusher this weekend. This was back in the day of Channel 4 news crew. To bad Matt B was back on the front range.

Name the kid in this old school pic. Its from the CMBHSSC circa October 2004

Hope yor heading to the MSC opener.

Get out and Ride
Mitch Hoke

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fountain Hills, my retirement home.

Well Im real glad to have made it out of Fontana alive. I mean sketchy hotels and crossing freeways can really get to you. The drive was pretty short and sweet with little Benny. We got some cool veiws. 
California has some pretty cool power plants along the I-10
Arizona has some sweet biker bros. The guy on the left had to be pushing 350. His bike puts out way more watts then I do. 

I currently am pushing new biking style. Its like a goggle gap with  bike helmet
The scenery is much better here then in the LA basin. Sitting in this coffee shop I found that the most popular drink for health conscious elderly people is the "non fat skim, decaf, double, fat free vanilla berry mochachino". I haven't tried one yet but here its to die for. 

Ride More
Mitch Hoke